Apartment For Rent this is service in center, location walk distant to cafe, restaurant, bar, super market, store, spa ... etc. Contract Dan Apartment For Rent in district 1

Sailing Tower 2 bedroom in downtown

 Sailing Tower 2 bedroom, fully furnished, floor 19th with large balcony, view looking to great city.

Area 110 sqm, location on the central of the city. Walking distance to cafe, restaurant and a lot of the shop are near by.

Price: 1.500usd/month.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact.

Phone: 0903 397 205

Email: dan.realestate.vn@gmail.com

Website: www.danreal.vn

Sailing Tower 2 bedroom in downtown highly dead volume and sample code with a score of 9/10 bởi 2745 people voted for our product Sailing Tower 2 bedroom in downtown.

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